A new way to understand medicine

New medical advances lead to innovative solutions in new areas that open their doors into the XXI century. We understand medicine as a tool to maintain and improve health and quality of life of individuals, using the latest advances in treatment, including the new sciences "omics" such as epigenetics, nutrigenomics, metabolomics or functional genomics.

Who we are

The Institute of Advanced Molecular Medicine (IMMAV) is formed by a group of highly qualified health professionals with proven expertise in different fields of medicine, research and knowledge of the different therapies that can be applied to each patient based on their needs and disease.

We provide each patient the latest advances in medical treatments validated by scientific evidence. We apply new medical protocols adapted to each patient, developing a new way of looking at medicine.

We practice a personalized and individualized medicine to the unique characteristics of each patient medicine.

Our values

At the Institute of Advanced Molecular Medicine (IMMAV) we are committed to each patient. We offer our knowledge in order to improve their health, prevent disease and improve their quality of life and their families.

We strive for excellence and the highest quality standards for our patients under the responsibility, ethics and transparency.

We believe that there is no disease, but individuals, and that each individual based on their unique genetics and metabolism, need a unique, individualized and personalized treatments adapted to each circumstance.

Our team

The Institute of Advanced Molecular Medicine (IMMAV) is comprised of health professionals with wide experience in each field, forming a multidisciplinary team that brings together pediatricians, biotechnologists, nutritionists, endocrinologists, internists, neuro rehabilitation doctors, radiologists, speech and language therapists, neuropsychologists, community physicians or gynecologists and other professionals.

Our team has a proven training in clinical medicine and research, to devote part of the resources to study and promote new treatments in the field of epigenetics and nutrigenomics.