The Advanced Molecular Medicine Institute (IMMAV) is structured around three medical divisions: paediatrics, functional medicine, and aesthetics and sports medicine. In the area of paediatrics, we study specific neurosensory impairments in pediatric neurology, such as autism, ADHD, specific language impairment, musculare dystrophy, pervasive developmental disorders or pathological conditions that have no diagnosis. Our goal is to reach a diagnosis through genetic studies, specific metabolic and biochemical tests to resolve their etiology.

In the area of ​​functional medicine our commitment is to adult patients with various pathologies, among these are: neurodegenerative, metabolic and oncological diseases or associated with a poor hygiene and dietary practices, among other diseases. Our mission is to promote health and prevent the onset of disease establishing personalized treatments.

In the area of sports medicine we conducted specific genetic, metabolomic and biochemical studies to establish medical and nutritional guidelines, and hygiene and dietary habits to improve physical performance and shorten the recovery time of various neurological and musculoskeletal injuries. .

In the area of aesthetic medicine we base our treatments on the genomic-metabolomic study of each patient. We develop specific treatment protocols, ranging from the launch proper hygiene and dietary habits, to nutrigenomics or pharmacogenetic individualized studies. In addition, we have opened a new way to understand the aesthetics from the view of nutrition: "Nutriestetic".

Thanks to research in IMMAV we have developed specific diets: rotary diets, elimination and reverse diets involving a change in the current model of personalized nutrition.